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Monday, July 20, 2009


dear friends,

after i suffer accident July 10 2009 against a bus at EDSA with the Mitsubishi adventure (i didnt suffer injury but my car almost turned turtle) car even if it has big crash on right door has to i used it to deliver stainless steel stuff to my clients the day after i got bumped by bus at planned

one of my friendly client saw my mitsubishi adventure wrecked car...he said he has spare car in his garage in case im interested ..he is willing to offset this car with some stainless steel handles he got from while my mitsubishi adventure in the hospital..(talyer)...with no car to travel around,..i accepted the offer. Its not the toyota fortuner as suggested by tiboy but at least somebody kind enough to offer me his spare car...hehehehe

so i am already very grateful.

im now driving my toyo pet...parang pang congressman...margie laughing at first but later sleeping like a baby at back seat...the dual aircon means its freezing at back seat

ill take it to the car wash buff the paint job fix some other missing parts...its cheap car.

margie laughing...she said im taking home another junk car.

i said thats my new bat mobile...:-)

raymond see

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