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Sunday, November 23, 2008

94kms Jollibee-Bugarin-Jolibee Philippines

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Jollibee Sta Lucia up Bugarin back to Jollibee 94 kms ride.

the November mornings are chilly and rainy today and i was not keen on joining anymore training rides however on second thought if i keep complacent the other riders are going to do better and better than me so i have to at least try to cope up. Grin

todays ride there were two agenda. Softcore riders limited to 94 kms up bugarin and back. Hardcore riders go straight to Pagsanjan Laguna via bugarin and go back to jolibee for that 160kilometers american century ride.

at Jollibee Sta Lucia 500meters off Burger the new cycling station (for bikes and motorbikes)

ok this is the new carbon wheelset of atty tiboy reyes

ok a little bit of adjustments and we are off...

softcore group...thats allan and carlos on the attack and the rains didnt slow them down.

after 20 minutes lead time the hardcore group bridges to the softcore group here at sampaloc teresa

ok this is the softcore group at Manangs Crinderia at Bugarin...with ERIC ROQUE in the center. Eric is the partner of toots chua and the owner of LIFE CYCLES the distributor of Giant and TREK cycles in the Philippines

Monday, November 17, 2008

3rd leg LIQUIGAZ race Tagaytay Philippines 96kms

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dear friends,

after the LIQUIGAZ criterium series in Macapagal, the 3rd leg of the Liquigaz series was held on a cold and windy November morning last saturday at the scenic town of TAGAYTAY . The course was the much dreaded not for the faint hearted SOUTHEAST ASIAN GAMES ,route which saw the cyclists go down careening from tagaytay to nasugbu..negotiating the town of TUY..then start climbing the notorious 30 kilometer up Payapa back to the finish line in Tagaytay....this classic climb we only race here maybe ONCE A I will take this opportunity to thank the LIQUIGAZ organizers to arnel ty, carlos gredona, richard uy, and the host doc stephen domingo, the marshalls led by Paquito Rivas and everyone who made this race a memorable one for 2008.

i take time to thank my teamrocka teammates who decides to race today... my teammates atty TIBOY REYES, Lizton Yao, Carlos Tan EXCELLENT RIDES Carlos Tan finishing just behind Deon JAmes 12:25pm thats INCREDIBLE! ` even carlos was so surprized he treated the team to Pizza...Thanks so much carlos.!

we look forward to race with you guys again soon.


raymond see

well ..just in case you are in doubt of the TOUR OF LUZON next year....DONT. This running van advertizes in big bold letters the upcoming TOUR OF LUZON race courtesy of that generous sponsor LIQUIGAZ

ok here is the close up TOUR OF LUZON 2009 van with my wife margie... this foto taken by team CNC.. Thanks guys Grin

ok here he is LIQUIGAZ President and Managing director Patrick Libihoul who is a great fan of cycling..."yes we LIQUIGAZ are the one sponsoring the cycling PROFESSIONALS in Europe raymond...and yes please do send me the fotos of the race when you finish writing your blog" says monsieur Patrick as RAYMOND SEE (bisekletaguy) approached him to thank him for hosting this LIQUIGAZ race. Grin

ok here is atty lito again and no thats not the karate kid...thats bisekletaguy with his new sponsor HALO headband (thanks so much boss edmund mangaser of alterra bikeshop and Halo headband...)Grin...lorenz cuchon of team CNC in the cnc foto

team cnc foto...thats attorney Lito team manager of team CNC displaying their awesome NATIONALISTIC TEAM CNC teamkit for 2008-2009......reportedly designed by no less than the grandson of GENERAL EMILIO AGUINALDO true, how true? Cheesy

ok where to put all those Gu and gels to prevent them from spilling out together in one bunch when you put them in the back pocket? here is team cnc's answer Wink.....foto courtesy of team CNC

now thats my boss and special guest who drove as far away as dagupan just to race BUTCH YDIA from Nazareth hospital

ok team NEVER SAY DIE...teamrocka1bikeshop has four riders ready for today's NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED race in tagaytay up PAYAPA (tagalog word means calm...calm as when one rests in peace!) Grin

with anthony dy from team autotrend on his beautiful SEVEN ELIUM

team cnc at the starting line with their new team kit PROUDLY PHILIPPINE MADE Wink...foto courtesy of team CNC

ok here is live action foto of cat C somewhere enroute to NAsugbu

ok here is the exclusive crash foto posted with permision from team CNC..crash involved 3 team cnc riders kuya kotz, angkie and lorenz cuchon after wheels touched at km 57 near calaca. the riders are ok. kuya kotz and angkie continued while team cnc spokesman lorenz had to abandon . Get well soon Lorenz!

just in case you are wondering where team captain tiboy reyes of team rocka he is finishing with that mountain goat Winston Chua of team Xterra...who outsprinted our team captain on the finish line. WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS WINSTON AND ATTY TIBOY!

3rd leg LIQUIGAZ race Tagaytay Philippines 96kms

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Dear Friends,

this is the first time Liquigaz race organisers ventured out of the criterium circuit of Mall of Asia and the race came after 3 weeks of rainy weather in the Philippines so I suspect like me most of the guys felt tired after the 3 days Tour of Matabungkay and so most of the riders didnt train in the rain and will be in poor shape.

Myself i was out of the saddle for 3 weeks too..but since Team Captain Tiboy reyes of teamrocka wants to race..and so did Lizton YAo...i took my 120min ride to force myself be able to ride last saturday.

teammate carlos tan was hesitant to join also but after a few telephone calls he decides to race too.

so we left Makati around 5am in the morning..around 7 am we were at the Mcdonalds taal vista lodge exchanging pleasantries to atty Mike Yngson of team XTERRA and Lorenz cuchon of team CNC. Lorenz said "i knew you ill race you posted your training ride of 120minutes in bulacan so that means you will race" I of course said "we have to race..i want to complete all my major Tours..i cant be absent ...we have to ride for the organizer to feel happy" Grin

with doctor butch, alex borras in the discovery kit, and tony lopez representing team PAir CArgo

with carlos, and carlos Grin

anyway on the registration booth we were informed that there is a filchi category so 4 of teamrocka riders we registered under PhilChi (cat P) which will be released with cat C.

CAT P is for Phil Chi.... Grin

Team Xterra at Tagaytay

barangay Logic gate seen at Loquigaz race

team Liquigaz at the starting line

team Aboitiz

photo shoot with richard uy of team Liquigaz

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL ANTHEM being sung before the start of the race

Race starts...there is a 32 km Fast NEUTRAL rolling start and motorcycle escorts didnt allow the different categories to mix together...

release of cat C

cat c negotiating the hilly 32 km neutral lap

cat a led by team microsoft's ramon acuna in this piece of action at Tagaytay

cat A riders try to avoid the paint strips (speed bumps) scattered a plenty in calaca

motorcycle marshalls were assigned to help cyclists negotiate the race route during the neutral lap

around 25km mark there was an unofficial weewee (pee stop) and some of the cat b riders decided to stop for peeing.

When the cat b riders returned to the road it was too late as cat C riders and cat B riders they carreened down the road and so there was a crash involving richard uy and an xterra rider.

I saw richard changed his wheelset and proceeded to race but by the time he could breath the cat b guys were already sprinting towards the climbs...i found out later that Deon JAmes and Carlos gredona was in an early break only to be reeled in by the strong cat B group at the start of the climbs.

ok here is the early move of conrad bustamante of logic gate before the start of the climbs

spot detail cat B rider deon james of Xterra in an early break

ok cat b rider thats CArlos Gredona of team liquigaz in an early break together with deon james

cat b peloton led by team logic gate Romel cerezo leads the chase

the races will only be half as fun without architect quin baterna the manager of team logic gate...we will continue our race series in Subic architect Quin Grin

cat B rider in the DISCOVERY kit thats businesman Alex Boras from team PLDT came from Dagupan to enjoy this race

Cat C riders we rode as one big group. after we were flagged off the climbs after Tagaytay rotunda (33 kms) a rider attacked almost side sweeping teamrocka captain tiboy reyes. Ok the race was on. there were many counter attacks but it was only short burst after the breakaway rider was reeled in...everything returned to normal 38-40kph cruizing speed. around 53km mark there was a crash...and i later learned team CNC lost 3 men in that crash but the riders were ok.

before the start of the climbs near calaca..thats category C action foto

at the start of climbs. everybody were doing 24-30kph...which was too uncomfortable for me so i decide ride my own pace here..anyway i had already stayed with the group for 65kms. 30 kms of climb and the game will be over soon.

i had previously ridden my comfort zone with a couple of guys up this climb so i know my comfort zone will be 15-18kph. I thought i was doing ok at 20-24 however the other guys were really going for it. Thats a 30km climb and people were riding as if it was flat 24-30kph. Shocked

beer bellied after 3 weeks off the bike..."are you ok?" says mommy "go shoot take fotos of the ok i will see you at the finish line" i said. Grin

around canyon woods..i saw Kuya Kotz of team CNC he was about 20 lbs bigger than me but he was climbing like rasmussen.. he left me behind he later said he suffered a terrible fall but decide to finish after a long long chase

Liston Yao did extremely well today after finishing ahead of mr arnel ty

that's mr Arnel Ty the organizer of Liquigaz with a big smile..happy to finish this race in tagaytay

after the race i spoke to my team..they were really happy with their results...i am also happy with my result not that bad after 3 weeks off my bike.

i have but 2 races left of the major Tours in MAnila to complete my season 2008.

This early I will take this opportunity to thank all my friends and my readers

thanks so much for your kind company...and yes thanks so much to those who say they enjoy reading my reports all the time.

at the (prolific) Grin rider raymond see finishes his Payapa climb one of the last few major tours before season 2008 ends....

we look forward to race with you guys again soon.

raymond see
team rocka1bikeshop