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rocka1bikeshop news is a weblog relating to cycling news in the philippines. rocka 1 bikeshop is a local bike shop based in bulacan town philippines email

Friday, October 12, 2007

Matabungkay Training ride of Teamrocka1bikeshop 10-13-2007

these are some of the photos we took during our training ride for the Tour of Matabungkay Road Race which will be on October 20, 1, 2007

motobecane size 62 super touring

here is the motobecane size 62 touring bike which was recently brought in at the bike shop

Monday, October 1, 2007

teamrocka1bikeshop joins xrc mens health race in Clark

2007-2008 season teamrocka1bikeshop teamkits now available

the 2007-2008 racing season teamkits of teamrocka1bikeshop is now available.

please email for orders.

the teamkits were designed by Jun Cordial who works as graphic arts designer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

the sidepanels bear the word PHILIPPINES

raymond see appears on Thai postage stamps

during the Bangkok 2007 stamp exhibition the Thai Post office offered to photograph visiting tourists to appear on their postage stamps by providing an image department at the exhibition site.

the image department will take your foto for a fee..then provide you with a souvenir sheet containing postage stamps with your image on it.

the stamps are perfectly valid for posting in Thailand.

Bulacan United Cycling Club BUCC Philippines

here are some of the fotos of the activities of the Bulacan United Cycling Club

the coordinator of the bike fun rides to Zambales and to Mount Samat Bataan is Bong Cayco.

the group meets and rides daily at the Manila Memorial PArk Sta Rita Bulacan