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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WHY the monicker BISEKLETAGUY?

Raymond See WHY BISEKLETAGUY? Raymond See also known by the monicker "bisekletaguy" meaning " the bicycle guy"...was given that name by filipino american collectors of postage stamps of the highest level..after winning a LARGE SILVER MEDAL in Bangkok Thailand during WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP for assembling a collection of stamps showing bicycles or cycling in 1993. the exhibit is on permanent display in the czechoslovakian website attached herewith.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

get together party for Tour of Friendship participants 5-24-2009

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dear friends,

this luncheon party was organized by atty mike yngson for a get together of PECA riders who joined tour of Friendship 2009. several cyclists brought cakes, pizza and red wine. We would like to thank atty mike yngson and his wife suzie for the nice get together..and the pasta with sweet chicken...ave chua brought delicious pot roast and i didnt even know she can cook... Cheesy

ah it was so nice to be telling funny Tour of Friendship stories with the Philippine contingent.. .who also vowed to be better prepared come next year's Tour of Friendship 2010.

once more...

Mabuhay Team Philippines participants of Tour of Friendship 2009!

You guys are the best!

raymond and margie see

my beautiful wife couldnt resist a foto with hershey...the pet shitzu of mike yngson's daughter

sharing stories with a bottle of red wine....

ok get together photo shoot before we have some cakes...allan, atty mike, tiboy, bj, ray, bea, kaight Grin

kaight , ray, leian, ike and lady friends, tony

mark, bj, ike, leian, winston

jonjon, bea , allan, rene

wins, philip, coach ceasar (other table) audrey and boy (at the other table), rene and mark

filchi manila bike race may 31, 2009

Reminder from: filchicycling Yahoo! Group
Title: Fil-Chi Manila Bike Race 2009 - May 31, 2009
Date: Sunday May 31, 2009
Time: 6:00 am - 1:00 pm
Next reminder: The next reminder for this event will be sent in 3 days, 4 minutes.
Location: Ermita, Manila
Street: Kalaw Street
City State Zip: Ermita, Manila
Notes: Fil-Chi Manila Bike Race 2009 - May 31, 2009

The Filipino-Chinese Manila Sportsfest Friendship Day Bike Race 2009 will be held on May 31, 2009, Sunday at 7am:) Cash prizes, trophies, medals are in store of the winners:)

The following information was given by Fred Chua of Fil-Chi Cycling Federation about the race fees, venue, categories and prizes.

Race fees:
For all Fil-Chi, its going to be free. For professionals, its also going to be free. For Category A,B,C and MTB, the entrance is P200. This will come with free sling bag and water. I'm not sure if there are other free stuff. I'll have to verify with the sponsors.

Race venue:
The race will be held at Rizal park, and it will be a criterium race will start from Kalaw, then to Roxas Blvd, then to Padre Burgos, lastly to Maria Orosa.

Our grand stage, and event center will be at Kalaw as well. We will start at 7am Sharp!!

Race categories will be as follows:

1. Pro-Open 1hr + 3 Released 6th
a. Trophies: 1-3, 1st (7000), 2nd (5000), 3rd (3000), 4th (2000), 5th (1000), 6th-10th (500)

2. Category A (35 and below) 45min + 2 Released 5th
a. Trophies: 1-3, Medal: 4-5 1st (1500), 2nd (1000), 3rd (500)

3. Category B (36 to 45) 45min + 2 Released 4th
a. Trophies: 1-3, Medal: 4-5 1st (1500), 2nd (1000), 3rd (500)

4. Category C (46 to above) 45min + 2 Released 3rd
a. Trophies: 1-3, Medal: 4-5 1st (1500), 2nd (1000), 3rd (500)

5. Sports MTB 35min + 2 Released 2nd
a. Trophies: 1-3, Medal: 4-5 1st (1500), 2nd (1000), 3rd (500)

6. Filipino-Chinese A (45 and below) 40min + 2 Released 2nd
a. Trophies: 1-5, Medal: 6-10

7. Filipino-Chinese B (46 and above) 35min + 2 Released 1st
a. Trophies: 1-5, Medal: 6-10

8. Filipino-Chinese MTB 30min + 2 Released 1st
a. Trophies: 1-5, Medal: 6-10

For Inquiry Contact : fredchua77@...

MTB restriction:
Tire Size: 26" x 1.75 to 2.30 (road/mtb)
Chainring: 46-44 teeth

Saturday, May 23, 2009


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dear friends,

i forgot my teamkit today...its a sunday am in makati with my bike but no shorts and jersey so cant ride the criterium at Mall of ASIA....oh well...might as well clean bike then take fotos... Grin

left face...thats the Cannondale system six liquigas bike used by bisekletaguy in thailand

right face...this system six was lucky not to get involved in any crashes in thailand Grin

tricks of the trade...veteran of 2 tour of egats..raymond see opted to cover his beautiful campy carbon cranks with bathroom tile no slip stickers to avoid unnecessary scratches when the bike is in transit. Wink

carbon ec90 handlebar with the traditional bend coupled with 12cm ULTRALITES handlepost and the SUPER SIX VOLCANO spacer provided by rextan...allowed bisekletaguy to get rid of the heavy macho controltech handlepost and lighten his bike. ONE SUN and 3 STARS sticker representing my country THE PHILIPPINES given out by AVE CHUA IN THAILAND..thanks ave! Wink

extra room for bisekletaguy...with the 12 cm cateye wired speedometer is a staple in bisekletaguy's bikes

there was a 220kms stage in tour of after 8-1/2 hours on the bike..the new white san marco saddle also resulted in blisters for bisekletaguys soft tissues..immediately after coming home..the saddle was replaced by a well broken in FIZIK aliente gamma...the MAVIC KSYRIUM SL with french hutchinson reflex tires (700 x 20) was puncture free in thailand for duration of race... Wink