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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a wifes's tale...regarding Tour of Matabungkay 2008

Dear Team Rocka,
Let me take this opportunity to share you some stories behind the scenes particularly we the wives of the Team Rocka cyclists experienced and witnesses.

I only know Mrs. Margie See for we’ve met on several occasions. I did not hesitate when my husband Dennis asked me to accompany him at TOM (Tour of Matabungkay) for this was my husband’s first “real” race, even if he has joined a lot of other tours in the past years.

I am a neophyte when it comes to being a cyclist’s “alalay” and all I have with me is my digital camera as I plan to take pics of my husband during & after the race.

Day 1: We arrived at Matabungkay Beach Resort at around 11:00 am, and I texted Margie that we were at the lobby. Margie replied that Raymond is at a nearby carinderia (just across MBR.) So Dennis and I went there and we’re welcomed by Raymond See with other Rocka members like Atty. Tiboy Reyes, Liston Yao, Yuri Lirag, Alvin Lo, the Ormoc duo Philip Sainz & Rex Tan and Mr. Lean Cruz with Rocka’s guest rider Ms. Nina Vera.

I saw the excitement of the guys as they looked at other bikes parked along the walls of the carinderia, comparing notes, greeting other participants from various teams. After having our early lunch, we then went to the parking area and it’s time for the boys to gear up. While Dennis is getting ready, I had the chance to roam around and window shop for other bikes that I only see in Dennis’ cycling magazines…hehehe!

I only have little knowledge about bikes, but I know one when I see one, like the Parlee bike of Alvin Lo, WOW! “my” dream bike!

Winston’s Pinarello Prince was also a stand out. Atty. Rolly Cruz’ Orbea Orca, Tiboy’s Litespeed Ghisalo, Rex’s Cannondale Super6, Philip Sainz Argon Platinum, just to mention a few, are really head turners! I told Dennis that it was like being in a bike fashion show. I told him that there were only one (1) Parlee, and two (2) BMC bikes, but of course his BMC is better than the other one owned by a member of Tagaytay Highlands Team…hehehe!

I was also amused seeing Nina’s bike all dressed up in Pink. I love pink! As I approached Nina’s bike and took some pics, I can’t help telling Nina that she has a very nice bike. Nina smiled and said thanks, and Lean by her side helping her assembling the wheels, said “oh yes this the the cutest bike in the world.”
Uhhmmm make that two (2) cutest bike in the world Lean, for when I saw Joyette Jopson’s bike it was really cute too! Custom made by Seven.
I asked Joyette if I can take a pic of her with her cute bike and she obliged, she is very friendly!

Mr. Ricky Ledesma of Xycos, who is fascinated with Dennis’ BMC approached us at the parking lot. While walking towards the main lobby of MBR, a lot of participants are gathered for the registration. Beautiful bikes scattered all over the lobby and it was my time to take pics.

I was excited and nervous at the same time, fearing for my husband….the usual paranoia of a wife, accidents, spills, falls, cramps, flat tire etc…etc… but naaah! I know Dennis will make it, despite the lack of training. I know he is ready for this…

There they go…. Start of the TTT…
“Paparazzi’s” was born! Thanks to the officials of the TOM. We, the wives of the Team Rocka were called paparazzi’s because we point and shoot every angle, every detail. Team Rocka is now fondly called… “The Pictorial Team,” thanks for our veteran official photographer Margie, who I followed and copied her along the way, together with my fellow wives Verna, Audrey & Bong and son JR. (The next 2 succeeding days, Gwen Sainz joined the fun with us.)

from left to right verna tan ,audrey tiples , chinggay datu, margie see

thats misis Bong Cruz, Engr Rolly and JR

gwen sainz and philip sainz

Little did our husbands know, while they were aching their way to the race, we the wives were bonding spontaneously. Headed by Margie, while Audrey was driving their pick up truck, we were exchanging & comparing notes while giggling of how it was like being a wife of an executive cyclist.

We play the roles of masseur, yaya, alalay, photographer, stage wife, and driver. Good thing we all know how to drive! Hahahaha! Gwen Sainz, despite being 5 mos pregnant drove their SUV and handed out water bottles with us at the feeding station under the scorching sun.

Everyday is like a new adventure for us. Everyday we get to know each other more. We have lots of things to talk about. One thing I’ve learned is that we share one goal, to support our cyclist husbands, to let them know and feel that we too enjoy their passion for biking.

Dennis kept asking me, “Did you enjoy? Ok ka lang, Hon?”

Just to see the smile in our husbands’ faces, the sweat, the aches, the laughter and the brotherhood, meeting new friends, bonding with the wives, is priceless.
I enjoyed the TOM as much as my husband did.

Thank you, Team Rocka…
We will forever support and love you guys in every race and in every kilometer that you take. We always pray for your safety on the road and in whatever you do.

Mabuhay ang Team Rocka!

Chinggay Riego-Datu
Team Rocka Wives

ps. pics uploaded already.
I'm also looking forward to meet the wives of other team members
who were not there at the TOM...

til the next race....

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