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rocka1bikeshop news is a weblog relating to cycling news in the philippines. rocka 1 bikeshop is a local bike shop based in bulacan town philippines email

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

selling bikes while enjoying my ride....bisekletaguy stops and explains how he sells bikes.

dear readers...

one of the readers of this blog has just visited the bikeshop..says he reads my blog and that he was wondering..."how can you sell when you are closed on sundays when thats the time we can visit your shop?"

"how true how true"...i say..."but i am selling"

its just that rocka1bikeshop..this is my baby...and we sell differently..

sure anyone can go to a local a part then go... but where is the fun in that...? the salesperson more often then not ...he or she isnt a he or she cant help you.

here.....this is a my one man bike shop...the owner is a passionate cyclist..with a penchant for durable quality bikes..that one could own and ride for hundreds of kilometers without worry...and he can recommend which bike is better for you.

If you check out the bike stuff here at the cant find inferior bike or parts.

the owner dont sell nor recommend any parts that he himself will not is for this reason that he is sticking to his personal preferences..because he knows that what he uses .....last.

so if you see bisekletaguy doing 100kilometers every sunday..check out his gear...because that is what he sells...quality parts that dont break easily...a bike where he spends 6 hours every week with no back or shoulder pain whatsoever...and a lifestyle that is healthy, friendly and fun.


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