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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Team Columbus Kaight Forgie and Ar Ming joins sierra ride 8-10-08 PHILIPPINES

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Author Topic: Team Columbus Kaight Forgie and Ar Ming joins reverse route Siera Madre 8-10-08 (Read 29 times)
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dear friends,

for those who wasnt able to attend our REVERSE ROUTE SIERRA MADRE training ride yesterday here is the short recap.

Team Columbus riders miss Kaight "the contessa" Forgie joined this ride with fiance Ar Ming "the merciless" who flew from Taiwan to Manila via Cebu Pacific with his GIANT bike just to join this "training" ride

"raymond, the Cebu Pacific flight a bit rough but cheap...i like to ride with you then later i will tell my team Columbus riders to come to Manila and train or race just keep kaight informed (of the upcoming races) " says the 6 foot tall super muscular cyclist from Taiwan Ar Ming

"i hope you dont mind..the local guys are all here some of the Fitness First Guys and Polo Tri guys came all the way from the south...XTERRA riders came and Logic Gate guys are also many new faces i think some of the PCN riders are also here. Manila cyclists wants to test their fitness levels with foreign guest riders..but manila cyclists are all friendly riders." i said

"Raymond, im really really surprized with this huge turn it always like this when you train..? there are so many people today!" said miss kaight forgie

so the fun ride turned into a test of fitness levels as the speed was so high over valley golf in antipolo...up pranjetto hills wow everybody was flying! ...up sierra madre everybody had a tough time but everybody had a very good time.

Kaight "the contessa" Forgie dont like to draft so she tries to be up front and push on bigger gears..."I kinda played around with the Polo Tri Girls and they were strong also the husband and wife team from Xterra (winston and abby) was very strong" says Kaight.

"i tried to be with kaight she was doing 26kph over the mountains and over 40kph on the flats that was how strong she is!" says a surprized Paulo Illeto of team Enervon C.

and how did AR MING the merciless do? "ray that Ar Ming guy was so strong turning gears like Ulrich..powering himself up the hills...i was able to stay with him but at one point he was turning gears so high even eric carandang had a hard time...but eventually eric was able to bridge gap..Ar Ming suffered also near pranjeto hills" says Leian Cruz of team Fitness First

"grabe ray thats a very very difficult climb there were so many tough hills" says doc Butch Ydia of team PLDT

and Me? i did terrible first time up LAST SUNDAY from burger king to sierra madre on the reverse route so i took the advise of coach gerry amar who was with me last sunday...."focus raymond need to focus on a goal..." says coach gerry who openly advised over the egroups that we need to get a diary and write down our clockings over a training route...and then try improve on that clocking the second time around.

so yes i did i took my clocking last sunday of 3hours 24 mins (crawling pace from burger king to sierra madre reverse route thats around 50 kilometers.) ..and tried my best to improve on it....its 2 hours 59minutes yesterday and i wasnt dead tired so i'm happy i did better yesterday... chopping off 25mins after i hanged on the coat tails of team XTERRA rider atty Mike Yngson over the flats and rode the fast tempo of team logic gate riders towards Teresa.

"that was very difficult climb but we are happy we enjoyed the experience raymond if you have a fun ride we will go..just post it over peca" says Deon James of team XTERRA.

overall a fantastic "fun ride" Thanks so much to those who joined us yesterday (too many to mention) i hope you guys and gals had good fun...its always fun to ride with so many friends. I really enjoyed riding with you was FUN!

to my teamrocka1bikeshop and filchi teammates philip , tiboy, carlos, liston i hope you had a great time. .Its always hard to climb an unfamiliar route the first sure you guys will do much better the second time around.

AR MING goes back to Taiwan this monday morning with plenty of stories to tell hiis friends in Taiwan

"the small guy from team Fitness First (leian cruz) did very well yesterday he was very strong rider...thank you so much raymond for organizing this ride for me..i tell my team Columbus friends to race or train with you...thank you so much the route was great..i had a great time" says Ar Ming as i brought him back to his hotel at Fort Bonifacio yesterday.

i look forward to riding with you guys again soon. Baguio will be a lot of FUN.

sincerely yours,

raymond and margie see

Foreign VIP guest riders for the day Team Columbus (Taiwan) Kaight Forgie and Ar Ming

at the starting line Burger King station near Sta Lucia shopping mall Philippines. .thats just some of the riders other riders were not included as they were camera shy

kaight "the contessa" forgie with raymond see "bisekletaguy" starts the ball rolling in this piece of action Reverse Route sierra Madre aug 10, 2008 in the Philippines
"raymond i am amazed at how many cyclists joined us today..!" says kaight

video clip rolling start from burger king

early goings of the "training ride" saw Kaight "the contessa" forgie leading the long line of cyclists with Ar Ming "the merciless" in tow... Grin"


somewhere in teresa towards the official pitstop SHELL petrol station

missing in the video was this group of super fit category A riders who were going so fast over the mountains the sag wagon coudnt catch them as they were battling each other out at yesterday's reverse sierra madre "fun ride" Grin""

at the petrol station..from left to right Thats Jon Urutia 2nd overall at Tour of Egat 2008, bisekletaguy, Anthony Dy and atty Tiboy Reyes...

grand photo shoot of just some of the 40 plus cyclists who showed up for today's ride at the shell petrol station.

the first riders to reach sierra madre were members of the super strong local Team Fitness First, thats anthony dy of team autotrend and attorney tiboy reyes the first team rocka1bikeshop to reach sierra madre yesterday. Warmest congratulations!

of course Ar Ming of team columbus was also among the first to arrive at Sierra here he is with the "imaginary" podium girl at the "imaginary finish line" at sierra madre hotel in the Philippines Grin"

the Polo Tri girls Trisha and Amanda doing yoga thingy at sierra madre Grin.

thats bisekletaguy with Kaight Forgie , Ar Ming and doctor Butch Ydia from team PLDT my special guest who came all the way from PAngasinan just to join this ride today..The background foto shows the sierra madre mountain ranges..spectacular view at the back of Sierra Madre Hotel.

at the 70 kilometer mark before Boso Boso..the bulk of the fun riders decided to have lunch together en masse.... after lunch teamrocka1bikeshop decided to call it a of the cyclists decide to finish the route all the way back to burger king ...WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE !!!

--- On Mon, 11/8/08, Tiboy Reyes wrote:

From: Tiboy Reyes
To: peca@yahoogroups. com
Date: Monday, 11 August, 2008, 6:45 AM

vecvec and raymond,

congrats for organizing the highly successful ride last sunday. i think at least 40 riders attended. it was like a race minus the entry fee.

tiboy reyes

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nice video marge!! congrats ray for a successful event!! Ang dami sumama!!

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