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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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Author Topic: INVITATION TO RIDE BAGUIO organized by rocka1bikesop August 29 30 31 2008 (Read 31 times)
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« on: July 15, 2008, 08:44:57 AM »
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dear friends,

i have decided to organize a baguio ride for the benefit of those who dream of going up baguio but who cant seem to find the time or the friendly cyclists to do baguio...also to show manila cyclists hospitality to our generous hosts teamrocka 1 bicol alvin lo, enald tan, yuri lirag and tiboy reyes..they will be in manila this time around to climb baguio for the first time.

tentative schedule as follows.

august 29 friday..cyclists have to depart from manila by victory liner bus or by car around 5am in the morning arrive in baguio around 12in the our warm up ride at 3-6pm just around baguio kennon road camp john hay..minesview ...the tourist route.

august 30 saturday..STAGE1 we go down rosario (by car or by hired jeepney) then assemble at rosario junction..start climb up baguio via kennon up loakan airport route. camp john hay to Panabenga Park. 40kms. ...afternoon is free time for rest and relaxation.

august 31 sunday..STAGE2 we go down kennon (by car or hired jeepney ) assemble at the san fabian school to meet up pangasinan cyclists led by doctor butch ydia...who will assemble a group of around 20 cyclists preferably with professional guest cyclists ericson obosa sherwin carera to guide us up baguio this time by Marcos Hiway...estimate 65kilometers.

august 31 evening we can go down baguio head back to Manila by victory liner bus or car.

the cyclists can chose which stage they want to ride. It is offered because i heard that some executive cyclists have already done kennon...others have done marcos.others want to do stage1 and stage2 . It will be difficult but its always doable. Baguio is the Philippines' cyclist's have to do it at least once sooner or later.

i am starting a list of those who would be joining so you know who have texted me signified interests to join us stage 1, stage 2 only or both stages.

1.raymond see
2.licinia see
3.philip go
4.tiboy reyes
5 alvin lo
6 enald tan
7 yuri lirag
8 skipper pineda
9 ramon antonio
10 saul sibayan
11.omar martinez
12 dennis datu
13 winston chua star paper
14 carlos tan filchi
15 eduard lim filchi
16 allan filchi
17 roy filchi
18 liezl filchi
19 ric rodriguez
20 noel baltazar
21 atty froy dayco
22 jack yabut

23 quin Baterna
24 Jojo Baterna
25 Victor Viray
26. anjing Hernandez
27 team MJY owners michael and Vangie
28 dennis d menace Dionisio
29 Boyet MJY
30 Larry the policeman MJY
31 Joven MJY
32 Bong MJY
33.Freddy MJY
34 Dondie Azarcon
35 Team CNC atty Lito /Lorenz Cuchon /Boy Tiples and teammates
36 team Xterra Atty Mike Yngson and teammates
37 team CEBU CYCLING atty jong and friends
38 arch ricky ledesma and teamxycos friends.

we hope team david salon miss nina vera and other ladies can join us in our climb up baguio

so far the above have given verbal, text message, telefone call, or private email
we will be very happy if you can join us...send email private or by peca or text or call i will include you in the long list.

this is not a race (vacation ride) but i think its about time we take a look and overcome our fear of baguio. the cyclists will share in your sufferings...and will be there to join you when you have overcome your fear of Baguio and share in your personal triumph...over san mig lights.

Baguio by oneself is never fun. Here is your chance to ride Baguio with your friends.

we look forward to ride with you in Baguio

thanks so much

raymond and margie see

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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2008, 08:49:22 AM »
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dear friends,

i received several text messages and private emails from people who wants to join this Baguio ride.

ok first things first.

additional persons wanting to be included in the list

1. Engr rolly and mrs rolly cruz
2. Leian cruz
3. Nilo Reyes and teammates from tri clark
4 Jun Lopez team heritage
5 Dr Ronnie Dimaano team heritage
6. Alex Paguirigan team heritage
7 shane chin team excellent noodles
8 alex billan and possibly the entire team fuji excellent noodles.
9. Engr Pablo Bernardino team rocka

furthermore word of my Baguio invitation spread to the Filipino Chinese Cycling Federation and so after the board meeting...Albert Cua announced today the good news.. the board of directors approved for team FilChi to ride Baguio.

further to this..i received a text message from Victor vekvek seems that our friend sir Anjing Hernandez has heard of our request for a chartered VICTORY LINER BUS to ferry those cyclists who dont want to drive up Baguio and prefer to ride to Baguio on the airconditioned bus.

our friends from bicol Brian the owner of Isarog and BJ the owner of penafrancia bus also said they have personal invitation from sir Anjing so they will definitely go.

the concerns for this Baguio Ride is as follows

those who want to ride the bus must book in advance and let me know their intentions TO RIDE VICTORY LINER BUS.

please text or email me privately then i will add your name to the list of those cyclists/wives/ girlfriends whom you will take along ONBOARD THE BUS.

those who didnt asked to be booked on the VICTORY LINER BUS shall mean that they will bring their own car/transportation up baguio.

as for hotel reservations. I will gather some information on the room rates and publish it here. But the cyclists have to book the hotels by themselves due to large number of participants i cannot do the booking for you.


TEAMROCKA1BIKESHOP will be leaving for Baguio City on a FRIDAY morning.AUGUST 29 2008 . teamrocka HAVE NOT BOOKED ANY PLACE YET. so if you wish to invite us to stay in your holiday resort /mansion in baguio....please do call us.

I will announce where we will be staying in Baguio in case you guys want to book at the same place/hotel where we will be staying. We will be leaving 530-6am from ROCKA1 BIKESHOP our estimate arrival time 1pm Baguio City. if you can make it on a friday...I will organize the same TOURIST RIDE i did around Baguio at 3pm to 5pm.
later in the evening the team managers and myself can decide where we can have dinner together.


on Saturday morning AUGUST 30...your team manager/team leader has to assign a vehicle to bring you down baguio via KENNON ROAD to a designated meeting point in Rosario by CAR. PLEASE DO NOT RIDE DOWN KENNON ON THE BIKE. we dont have any ambulance or escort service to help you escort you down. even if you feel like you can handle kennon.

Teamrocka riders are veterans in this kinds of situation so follow our lead. if you dont have an extra driver and your wife cant the car pool or HIRE A JEEPNEY and share the cost from Baguio. Ask the jeepney to bring you down Rosario.

we will start the climb up Baguio around 8 am in the morning..dont worry about the heat Baguio becomes cooler as you climb it. If you feel you have to stop for a rest please do. I will assign a designated PITSTOP so we can have fotos taken.

you guys are free in the afternoon... no schedule at the moment so paging the team managers if you decide to hold a party somewhere... then maybe its better if you can invite fellow cyclists to join you. thats OK.


i have at this time called our good friend and former teammate the cycling doctor DR BUTCH YDIA who is still in the USA. he will be coming home to Manila this week and so i can coordinate with him further details and later i will report back to you. My idea (we did it before) is for us to go down kennon go to dagupan at a designated meet up point. Most probably its the SAN FABIAN school where the Dagupan and Pangasinan cyclist gather together on sunday mornings and proceed up Baguio.

again i will not recommend riding down Kennon road by bicycle. DO NOT RIDE DOWN KENNON BY BIKE. the better way is to hire a passenger jeep and ask the jeepney to ferry us down to dagupan. OR..if Sir Anjing Hernandez is reading this...if you can provide a bus or COASTER which can bring all cyclists down dagupan maybe thats the better way.

Teamrocka1bikeshop will be organizing this as a FUN RIDE so we will be seeking the help of team LOGIC GATE, Team MJY BIKEZONE who i understand will bring entire squadra with team FILCHI CYCLING and team DAGUPAN/PANGASINAN/ JAZZY cycling with doctor butch ydia.. who owns the NAZARETH GENERAL HOSPITAL so i will try ask for your help.

i understand Hitachi Tanduay Filchi race organizer Ric Rodriguez will be joining this ride. Hopefully this will serve as a recon ride for a future bicycle race up Baguio...from this FUN RIDE we will be learning a lot.

we are open for suggestions and invite. But i am sorry the above schedule and the routes are already i have been informed some teams are already working on their leaves of absences adjusting their schedules and freeing themselves on said dates .

we dont recommend racing because we dont have any escort service nor sponsors for you guys at this time.......this is just a fun ride first and foremost ..a PICNIC RIDE for team rocka and friends...of course later the competent race organizers can help you with racing later.


Teamrocka1bikeshop would like to request that we be together at the starting line of each stage at the same that our photographers can catch you on the starting and finish line.

ok this is all for now. thanks so much for reading and enjoying the post. the fun rides are being organized loosely by my team... let this fun rides be your training rides hopefully to help you score a win at the much awaited XRC race in September.

a word of caution....Baguio isnt for the if you feel you cant climb it on a 27 teeth cog...adjust your bike to suit you put on more extra gear teeth..teamrocka dont mind seeing you put on 34 teeth cog on an XT or XTR derailleur because the manager of teamrocka had to put the very same gears when he went up Baguio for the first time in 2005...

So do your homework...go training up sierra madre or payapa in tagaytay preferably several times before our climb up Baguio.... Baguio Via Marcos has 40kilometers of climbing and Phil Liggett refered to Baguio via Marcos hiway as ala Alp du Huez.

Finally a word about weather. we have so far been blessed with good weather in our vacation rides. Baguio weather can be foggy, cool and wet. in the event of rain my team ...we will climb up baguio. Typhoon ....? hopefully none comes our way in August.

good luck..more updates to follow. we look forward to see you up Baguio this AUGUST

sincerely yours,

raymond see and margie see

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