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Sunday, January 4, 2009

120minutes training ride over 4 towns of bulacan PHILIPPINES

dear friends,

11 days straight spent working...ah today ill put on my warmers and brave the chilly january morning 25degrees centigrade with strong winds and ride up Bustos, Liciada, Pandi up to ENCANTO TOWN (ENCHANTED TOWN) here in ANGAT BULACAN burn some calories away.

signs of the know you are near a progressive town when you see SM SHOEMART building a mall near your town laugh

this farmer made sure he is off to an early start...plowing his field this early taking advantage of wet weather

the town of Liciada is sleepy as there arent any jeepney passing this route..which means PERFECT for a cyclist like me. Grin

ok here is my finish line...the town of ENCANTO (tagalog word meaning ENCHANTED) spray painted on a barangay captains vehicle so named due to the foresty area and the urban legends surrounding this town supposedly frequented by tree spirits. im riding my wet weather training bike the giant ocr today laugh

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