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Saturday, December 17, 2011

tour of friendship 2011

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April 29 2011 MANILA BANGKOK PAL 730


Pal PR730 touch down 110pm. Bangkok Temp is 33 degree.

After organizer bring us to hotel NONTHANBURI....i am now sitting at the restaurant at Nonthanburi palace with coach, pinpin, quin danny and rene tablante. Relax mode now. we are having light dinner. The other table sits 7lakes. Pldt team on another table.bangkok 1hour ahead of manila time. 5pm here 6pm in manila. I met keith powell he was jolly fellow he thanks boss for the Franzia jersey subsidy. I met exteam manager of Anza robert meek. "I ride as privateer. give me a Franzia jersey i ride and help Franzia." i will talk to him later. 630pm there will be welcome dinner. This the news for now.

Raymond See reporting live at nonthanburi palace hotel THAILAND

Rene tablante of team Bike King had a conference call with his boss as soon as we arrived in Bangkok and the TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP liason officer whisked his bike off the airport..while he was on his job...and i thought i was busy!

Lobby of the Nonthanburi hotel night before race day

Pinpin Uy takes a fruit tray from NONTHANBURI HOTEL and holds it up high...the night before he wins 3rd over the 7 kms ITT


stage 1 the 7KMS ITT aksa road BANGKOK THAILAND

dear friends,

YEHEY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to team Philippines and all the finishers.

TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP stage 1 (ITT 7 kilometers AKSA sarimanok road Bangkok)

Team EXCELLENT noodles ROLANDO Pagnanawon category 50 and up (5th place podium finish)

and for my team FRANZIA

PINPIN UY PODIUM FINISH 3rd place 30-39,
Keith Powell 6th place 40-49,
Mathew Kenfield 17th Franzia Open,
Mark Cook 14th Franzia 30-39,
Glen Pendry33rd Franzia 40-49,
Tiboy Reyes 36th Franzia 40-49...
coach cesar 14th 50 and up...

PODIUM FINISH FOR FRANZIA INTERNATIONAL TEAM (thats what they call us here) Tour of Friendship 2010 in THAILAND

Raymond See
team manager
reporting live in NONTHANBURI PALACE hotel

Inside FRANZIA offical van going to race venue

stage1 day 1 with shy boy Keith with miss m, miss eve with coach cesar

Stage 1 day 1 with my friend dondie aka marco pantani and Mossimo boss quin with seven lakes

RETRO FEVER Colnago EPS with the retro sticker on 2011 Tour of Friendship stage 1

FINISH LINE KITE of a rainy day 1 stage1 7Kms ITT

INFINITE Bike shop selling bike parts on race day

PINPIN UY has brought not one but two bikes to thailand.this is the specialized TTT specific bike which got him 3rd today

FRANZIA KEITH POWELLs bike with the yellow jersey sticker on top tube as constant reminder of racing for yellow

TEXAS RANGER armstrong look-alike is FRANZIA's keith powell from Tokyo


stage 2

Dear friends. Last nite i already smell humidity outside hotel and told matthew kenfield to expect rains tomorow. Bought rainy weather kenda c2c yesterday at infinite bikeshop. Put them on last nite.830am today at the start of stage2 freak thunderstorm hit cyclists from the start up to 110kms. The route to supalai resort was the equivalent of SLEX hiway 9AM in the morning! TRAFFIC WAS HEAVY and visibility was near zero. People asking cyclists to slow down the other cyclists dont care. Over 20crashes occurred some over flooded section with potholes. Quin baterna slid and fell. Rene tablante slid over railroad tracks while tiboy reyes following a chase group of 10 went wrong turn straight into a public school amidst cheering school children. Pinpin uy was besides a strong sprinter who told him not to sprint as the race was neutralized and cancelled. Pinpin didnt believe him. Anyway i have never raced in such dangerous conditions ever. The race WAS NEUTRALIZED AND CANCELLED at 110km mark.

when it rains it poured from 0 to 110kms in THAILAND

Raymond reporting live supalai pasak resort in THAILAND


stage 3

Dear friends.

The sun was up and the rolling hill were wicked .FRANZIA
WINES international cycling team Mark Cook broke away with 18kms from
the start with a Cycleworx guy damian for over 122 kilometers
they were never caught and FRANZIA MARK COOK WON the race over wicked uphill finish
for 30 to 39category.

Pinpin uy had a puncture and was off the back. The other
FRANZIA rider who made a name for himself today was Keith Powell the Tokyo
based friend of eric carandang. He broke away from the 60km mark with another
guy . he got caught by 5guys and the last 5kms he fought like a tiger was 3rd
on the uphill finish! Boyaks pagnanawon of Team Excellent noodle was 1st in
the 50s cat. Overall Fantastic result for FRANZIA! Warmest congrats to all
the winners and finishers of today's super tough stage. Raymond See
reporting live in thailand


FRANZIA keith powell was away with 426 guy at 60kms mark and later was reeled in by 5 other guys..7 guys did all the work near the finish 2 guys peeled off and Keith fought like tiger got 3rd over the uphill finish. FANTASTIC RACE!

the long and winding hills in stage 3

keith wins 3rd at the line

Hi Ray,

Nellie and I wish that we were there too! What a fantastic result!!
The guy who broke away with Mark was Damain Barrett, another Irish guy
that I was trying to entice to ride with Franzia. So, you can say he is half
Franzia.... LOL!

T.J. hongkong

afternoon report

Am with mae and pinpin at Kantary hotel lobby and she is tagging the photos to
franziacycling over facebook. RETRO FEVER HERE in tour of friendship with
ANZA and FRANZIA plus other team having retro jerseys. TJ. I met Damian
Barett of CYCLEWORX after the race I asked him to ride with mark Cook tomorow.
FRANZIA Mark cook 2nd overall GC I THINK. And FRANZIA keith powell is 2nd overall i think after 3days too.

So tomorow in the 30s and 40s category FRANZIA International (FRANZIA continental team as per some people's view)
will be on the watchlist of the strong teams. Hehe. Really wish you were here TJ. Even Glen PENDRY was
impressed with our FRANZIA TEAM. Raymond see KANTARY HOTEL lobby

Hi Raymond,

Make sure Pinpin, Mark and Keith go to bed early tonight!! Please also make
sure Keith does not eat fried rice anymore!!! LOL!

Can't wait to see the photos.

Thank you Raymond for all the updates!!

Best regards,
Tj CARREY in Hongkong

hello TJ

Matthew Kenfield of FRANZIA handsome guy only 26 did very well 11th today OPEN CATEGORY. Keith was so happy he went up podium 30mins ago. Mark cook is 1st GC 30-39 AFTER 3DAYS OF RACING and so he will wear LEADERS JERSEY tomorow. You know how STRICT i am Tj. Absolutely no Karaoke or Beer whatsoever for my Champion Team FRANZIA. Duh... the sexy lady massage i cant control that. Unfortunately i cant finish today. Fortunately i did TEAM manager support crew duties followed my boy Keith powell in his 70km 7man breakaway and watched 2 guy peel off. FRANZIA TEAM was assured of 5th place already but my boy Keith POWELL of TOKYO wants 1st so did a last push to snap 3rd! Way to go. All the teams congratulating Mark. He again said. " I WANT TO WIN FOR MY TEAM FRANZIA." what a day! Hahaha. Fantastic result for FRANZIA INTL CYCLING TEAM. Ray in KANTARY HOTEL

Hi Raymond,

Thanks a lot for the information and update. Please send photos of Mark wearing Yellow Jersey tomorrow!! How is Tiboy doing?

Really fantastic result..............

TJ & Nellie


stage 4 150kms killer stage up KHAOYAI

Today is the Killer stage for this year tour of friendship. FRANZIA Mark Cook 2nd. Keith Powel is 5th. So podium finish again for Franzia.

Raymond see
KAntary hotel KABINBURI thailand

ENTERING KHAO YAI with 13 kilometers of uphill to the finish

FRANZIA's keith powell attacking over the steep portions of KHAO YAI mountain in stage 4 to get 5th spot

FRANZIA riders all...Keith Powell, Mark Cook, Pinpin Uy so happy to finish that dreaded mountain KHAO YAI stage 4


stage 5 95kms.

Dear friends. Franzia pinpin uy made a 30kilometer breakaway after 60kms and was 4th place 30up ..thats inspite of broken spoke on the campy bora into 10kms break near the finish...Excellent kalbo camingaw 2nd. Excelent noodle ruel gendrano 2nd 40and up. Franzia keith powell 4th place 40up. Pldt liven isiah james tiples 5th. FRANZIA lady MAE "the fox" OJALES broke away with 10km to go of a 3kilometer uphill finish we were cheering for her all the way she got caught and got 5th! A fantastic finish for Franzia and Team Philippines! Dondie and Butch ydia lands on the GC on the first try. Fantastic race result for all. Mabuhay to everyone! Raymond see in Nonthanburi palace

relax mode before start of stage 5 for team philippines

saying goodbye to my friends miss m and miss eve

cargo truck ferrying bikes to and from race venue

at the finish line of 5th and final stage

Keith Powell attacked and is 4th

bosom buddies cristina lieu (center) and mae the fox with another rider at the finish stage 5

MAE the fox of FRANZIA is 5th (very difficult to climb the podium here) WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS !

FRANZIA MArk Cook with raymond see after he takes 2nd overall GC age 30-39 ..last day of Tour of Friendship

get together at hotel restaurant

MAE the fox sings KAraoke at Nonthanburi Hotel after finishing 5th on stage 5...wowing the audience with english songs



Congratulation to our junior rider James Tiples who got 5th place in stage 5 and also got the 5th overall GC! Bravo Team Liven-PLDT.

My friend Raymond was supporting his team all the way to stage 5 and maybe the reason why he did not complete the 5 stages. Tour of Friendship was a very enjoyable race of my life and hope to race again next year which will be named I think "Global Friendship"

Dondie A.


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