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Saturday, December 17, 2011

tour of matabungkay 2011

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Dear Team,

i just want to congratulate all the winners and participants who competed in Tour of Matabungkay over the weekend...October 21 22 23 2011.

my friends TJ Carrey and NELLIE Ng was instrumental in bringing in heavy artillery this year.. i'm just the local coordinator.

Ernie said "if no foreign riders this would have been a boring race. Thanks for bringing in the competition its like going overseas for a cycling race".

ALL the foreign riders from FRANZIA and MOSSIMO had a terrific weekend and promises to come back next year for more. Michelle Chelle Domingo Barnachea was unstoppable up the climbs, Mae Ojales inspite of lack of training hanged on and snatched second...fantastic results...well done!

I have to thank my friend's Alan Allan Chu Robert Yu, Neil Confesor, George Yu Edmond Motomal for braving it out this was extra difficult race this year.

PINPIN UY in stage 3 had to run back fetch yellow jersey COLIN ROBERTSON who had a puncture and tow him back to the lead group...before start of the climb up PAYAPA...LEE RODGERS was the gentleman who chased any Filipino rider who attacked when the yellow jersey was in trouble and asked people to wait. EXTREMELY DECENT gesture THANKS SO MUCH.

PINPIN UY received the TTT champions trophy on behalf of FRANZIA. He has now received an invite from COLIN ROBERTSON to become the first FILIPINO rider to ride under the international recognized team COLLOSSI based in HONGKONG..warmest congratulations pinpin

I do not need to tell anyone how generous was the brothers BATERNA for putting up time effort and money to bring the race to next level... and BOSS Cochanco Lucio for his unwavering support to team this year a big THANK YOU to you boss...

Count the number of FRANZIA victories this year on the local front and international scene and Damian Barrett was right to observe "it should be the biggest trophy haul for FRANZIA this year and here in Tour of MATABUNGKAY" I HAVE TO THANK everyone on the team. WELL DONE teammates.

I have to thank all the people behind the Tour of Matabungkay this year, the ads on group, baterna brothers Jojo and Quin, the lady behind the legwork miss Eva, the people behind the officiating Ric Rodriguez et al and Rico Violeta and Joie Oliveros who was all smiles this year after the staging of one of the most memorable Tours this year.

the foreigners vow to come back with "proper teams" next year. It could only mean ....there will be more fireworks in 2012.

please dont miss the fun!


raymond see
team manager
in the Tour of Matabungkay

FRANZIA sag wagon with the familiar FRANZIA WINES cycling team magnetic stick on

FRANZIA's regular MARK COOK seen in matabungkay this year

race route roundabout MATABUNGKAY

FRANZIA's regular DAMIAN BARRETT during stage 3 killer climb up PAYAPA with TAAL VOLCANO on the background

Jeff Paine and David kolpak (l-r) david is married to a filipina...both from team Blackhawk Singapore rode for Franzia this year.

david kolpak sharing stories with my wife in matabungkay....

The overall champion of Tour of MAtabungkay 2011 COLIN ROBERTSON (from hongkong based team COLLOSSI) in yellow accepted the invite and rode under team FRANZIA WINES CYCLING TEAM THIS YEAR in TOM. Thanks so much Colin for accepting the invite. He had been training for TOM since march of 2011- Well done Colin!

Photoshoot with Boss Lucio, David Kolpak, matt kinch, SANTY BARNACHEA, colin robertson and Pinpin Tour of matabungkay 2011

Daniel Caruthers of Mossimo on the attack and the Franzia boys on a chasing frenzy to reel him back in....and then LEE RODGERS COUNTERED....

LOOK at that beautiful MOSSIMMO TRAIN in the TTT

at the finish line....some MOSSIMMO riders smiling "all together a beautiful and safe course" says LEE RODGERS

Joshua Tantoco now with team JR haulings (formerly team MJY) is bulakan based and a loyal ally...

YELLOW JERSEYS stand up the stage for the foto shoot thats the year old son of COLIN ROBERTSON alias "the destroyer".....on the ITT 40kms the FRANZIA CHAMPION wrote a piece of inspiration on his handlebars "SUFFER FOR BEAN" and then smoked 10 riders who rode ahead of him to clinch the title. BEAN is the name of the son of COLIN ROBERTSON

Michelle Barnachea of Franzia went away with the boys and finished First on stage 3 with Mae Ojalles also from Franzia a strong second...

The traditional race within the race between TEAM managers has THREE BEAUTIFUL TROPHIES this year..WON by JOJO BATERNA of Mossimmo...second place went to RUEL CRUZADO of ABOITIZ POWER and POCH BERMUDEZ of INQUIRER MULTISPORTS...warmest congratulations to all!

Keith Powell alias "Super K"...was astonished by the strong and fast tempo this year "there are monsters out here ray..the race was faster than some of the stages in Tour of friendship" he said

the big boys lead by DANIEL CARRUTHERS "mr evil grin" on an uphill stretch of the race (MOST OF THE FOTOS TAKEN BY JOJO RINOZA. THANKS SO MUCH JOJO!)

Franzia newcomer Matt Kinch from Singapore was awe inspired by the friendly races here in the "pines" and will be back for more. He is the distributor of AVANTI cycles and is based in Singapore

Franzia newcomer Robert Yu is a triathlete and was accepted to be part of the team this year. He rode a 5 days old ARGON GALIUM Pro with Vision carbon wheelsets and finished strongly in this year's edition of the Tour of Matabungkay.

MOSSIMMO's Lee Rodgers beats FRANZIAs Colin Robertson on the line in this piece of action photo shoot stage 1 Tour of MAtabungkay

FRANZIA foreign riders photo shoot with officials of the TOM and Congressman Tom.

FRANZIA manager raymond see gives the thumb up sign again after finishing stage 1 the 90kms road race

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