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Friday, October 16, 2009

Glen Pendry in Manila sept 13 2009

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« on: September 13, 2009, 02:21:47 PM »
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dear team,

I just brought back glen pendry to his hotel shangrila makati. I had my hot shower at condo. I am having ice cream after a hard day's ride....ahhh. .its blissful day for bisekletaguy ....never mind the unpredictable weather.

this morning team Pair Cargo, team Jac Motors and team Franzia braved the stormy weather forecast by PAGASA...i pick up Glen around 6am..bring him to Jolibbee sta lucia..he treats me for pancakes and coffee...we saw so many people wanting to ride with us was about 20. victor viray saul sibayan victor espiritu buddy madrigal edwin cruz tony lopez graham webster was among those seen. Franzia riders me, tiboy and liston even if we already had back breaking 125kms climb yesterday..decided to do back to back ride today too.

race Grin este training ride starts at about the first 10kms up franzia team captain tiboy reyes had a rear wheel puncture. i stop. help him. he puts in inner tube..flat again.....there was small piece of glass imbedded in his tire. i gave him a spare tube..he said i can go ahead he fixes his tire.......catch me somewhere in teresa...victor viray tiboy reyes and glen pendry starts the 42kms fast paced action at dropped.

at the start of the bugarin climb...glen pendry starts applying the pressure..victor viray no answer but victor had accompanied glen up to manangs bugarin.

me im struggling but up buga caught some 4 riders....including noel baltazar...after i attacked.

noel counter attacked i have no answer after viewdeck...i saw him catch tiboy reyes....i have to climb.. mind my own pace......ok i did make it at manang bugarin...the camera shoot did take place with me and manang and the official clock...unbelievable but true. 945am....i chopped huge chunk off my personal record time today...must be because of chasing glen pendry victor viray and tiboy reyes. i am very happy.

bisekletaguy and manang 945 on the official ride today for bisekletaguy

glen and tiboy reyes at manang's eatery bugarin

on the way back .....glen pendry tiboy reyes vekvek viray makes it back to jolibbee at zooming down antipolo over 50kph.....i cant be 1 hour late today. i promised glen pendry id be in jolibbee before i have to bring him back to his hotel..he has plane to catch and must be back by 1pm. at jolibbee sta lucia.. glen is very happy "that was not too bad...i was racing with victor viray and saul all the way back. 15minutes delay you were fast...."

ok glen said he was really very happy for the weekend ride "i have 200kms because of you..that was so much fun. yesterday up sierra madre with the fog and all..was absolutely beautiful. i tell my team when we have the vacation to come to manila ride with you guys. i really appreciate me when you are in hongkong"

thanks so much to my teammates tiboy reyes and liston yao. hope you had a fast paced action weekend. the foreigners makes us ride faster it seems..

im also very happy.

see you again next time.

raymond see

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