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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bugarin Christmas Charity ride Dec 21, 2008 Philippines

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dear friends,

this christmas charity ride was the idea of vekvek viray of team logic gate, atty tiboy reyes the team captain of team rocka, liston yao and carlos tan of team rocka and rogen of team fil chi. start of the ride was at jolibee sta lucia..up valley golf in antipolo and charity gift giving starts at the climbs of bugarin up to manang rina eatery (auntie rina's eatery / cycling station ) at the mountains of distance is 45 kilometers one way. At Jolibee sta lucia station we received donations of rice, canned goods, slippers, biscuits cookies, instant noodles used books and clothings from our supporters mr winston and ave chua of team xterra...we also like to thank teammate engr rolly cruz of Nickel Asia Corporation who at the last minute decide to double bisekletaguy's the money was used to buy rice which was repacked in kilo bags and together with the canned goods we distributed over 150 bags to young children along bugarin. The final lot of books and remaining used clothings we brought to manang rina who owns an eatery and the cycling station at bugarin..she was delighted to see the goodies and promised to send them to children in her area.

overall it was a fun and memorable weekend. we look forward to the bigger event come christmas next year.

raymond and margie see

ok friends gathered at Jolibee sta lucia to flag off the christmas charity ride

the contents of the plastic bags

with the santa claus's on wheels at jollibee (fotos from teamrocka teammate carlos tan)

thats bisekletaguy having pancakes for breakfast at jollibee

thats cris of PCN who was eager to join this christmas ride

eric sy of team logic gate drove this open mini pick up which was closely guarded by vekvek viray of team Logic Gate before the start of the climbs.

ok this is the group get together at the start of the climbs..

ok the boy with the "yellow jersey" Grin gets the first gift of course!

the second stop saw these children receiving gifts from team captain tiboy reyes

ok these are the ladies of the charity ride margie, nicole and rachel

nicole tan the beautiful daughter of teammate carlos tan of rocka with a photo here with rose ann the 5 year old girl selling quail eggs at the of the inspirations why we do this charity ride.... Grin

ok what is the view at the view deck? here it is a beautiful view of LAGUNA LAKE

"a pity we dont have enough goodies to distribute to everyone" says atty tiboy..."we have to come back next year ray"

this young mother (maybe 15?) was happy to get her share of pampers from the sta claus on wheels.

this 2 year old boy and his sister (maybe 5) was bisekletaguy's favorite kids of this today's christmas charity ride....the boy couldnt lift his 1.5 kilo bag of goodies and his sister was quick to his rescue... Grin

santa claus didnt ride a reindeer up bugarin this year...they rode bikes Grin Grin

mission accomplished with fresh coconuts and a plate of spaghetti here at manang rina's eatery/cycling station at the top of bugarin.

manang rina (originally from bohol) proudly displays her "gucci" bag and wallet and happy to receive donations of books and used clothings for distribution to young children in her community.

foto with manang rina and her daughter and her wall of famous cyclists including raymart santiago movie actor..."send your fotos please and i will surely put them up on my wall of cycling greats!" says manang rina Grin

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