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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tour of Egat Thailand 2005 stage 4


Finally, here is the stage 4 all those who have been reading the reports and enjoying every minute of's the last part. Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed reading the reports.

MAY 4 2005, STAGE 4. Vajiralongkorn Dam - Sri Nagarind Dam 138 kms

I woke up feeling better today than the day before. It was about 6am in the morning and since this was to be the last day of the race, I asked Ernie Hortaleza (their family owns HORTALEZA Beauty Center) if it would be okey if we had authograph signing by members of the elite 11 man Team Powerbar Philippines 2005 on the 2005 Egat Poster so we can have something to remember the good times we just had (signature signing ala Pros, Lance, Petachi, Jan, Simoni....hehehe)

Ernie was the first to oblige...soon after everyone was signing... Ernie signed his name with a big KOM (KING of the Mountain stage 2) besides his signature. Peter, whose favorite expression is DIG DEEP, also signed with "DIG DEEP" (he says he got to dig a lot deeper in EGAT and so everyone was laughing!) Pedi (Elpidio Untalan won the overall and the King of the mountain for category 50years old and above) then carried off a box load of trophies and I said he looked as if he was moving to a new house! Ernie said if the customs officers at the airport saw that the trophies were of commercial quantities, we might have to pay customs duties! We laughed!

We headed off to the starting line, had our photos taken again, and off we went.

Eric's group had been released 5 minutes before our group and as soon as the gun barked, Thai Royal Airforce guy went and broke away. He has 4th in overall GC and so he did all his best to land into the podium. Nobody wants to chase... at around 30kms mark... Peter told me to breakaway just for kicks...he said as soon as I go he will be going with me. I worked my way out of the peloton...called on Peter and kicked in. Peter didnt latch on!

Anyway, I thought I might as well see how far I could get away so I continued hammering... When I got caught after 5 to 10 mins, I saw Team Malaysian guys sit up and drink (visibly tired from chasing) ... so I attacked again and this time I was going by myself with a marshal shouting that I now have 3 mins advantage and I continued hammering away. I soon bridged up and saw teammate Ronald Cordero cat A (released 5 minutes ahead of us) by the side of the road. His front tubular tire was torn off the rim!

Ronald got wheel replacement from a neutral motorcycle escort and was soon seen carrying super domestique duties. I got reeled back in after a long long successful break 45km mark. Ronald was pouring water to me and was attempting to go up front to hand Joel G. a bottle of mineral water when this BMW Cannondale guy got pissed off and shouted; "YOU CAN NOT HELP!!!" YOU CAN NOT HELP!!!!" the Race Commissaire saw the commotion and ordered Ronald to stop. The category B peloton caught teammate Cecil Mendiola (cat a rider) also and according to my best friend William (he retired on the last stage and rode the Philippine team wagon, the race commisaire asked Philippine category a riders Ronald Cordero and Cecil Mendiola to ride the sagwagon to prevent any more untoward incident). At around 50km mark...teammate Ariel Malabad attacked and I got dropped!

Ariel narrates that he already signified his intentions the night before to go for broke..this being the last day so unlike my half hearted effort...Ariel was going for the finish and fish for a trophy... he was away for some 30 minutes and was reeled back in at the 70km mark by Pedi and Bakus of BMW one point … the downhill, the peloton rode over 75kph and caught the three of them. Thai Air Force guy got reeled back in at around 80km mark (a heart breaking loss for this guy….solo breakaway for over 80kilometers!!!!)

Joel G was having a bad day the last 15kms and fortunately his ever loyal right hand man Robin Valdez was beside him offering water and offering moral support. Joel G recovered on the downhill. Last 2kms, Bill Bakus attacked. Joel took the line on the right and GOT THE STAGE WIN! ANOTHER FANTASTIC RACE!!!!

I arrived some 35 minutes after Joel Gironella with only one familiar face in tow... its the Thai who speaks to himself. After we crossed the finish line I gave him thumbs up. He gave me thumbs up sign too plus a big smile on his face…I am sure we were both just glad it was all over!

None of the Philippine Team 2005 suffered any crash and we were all very happy and gave thanks to the Lord for a safe race!

Dante again took my bike and happy that I wasn’t too late behind. The Philippine team rode the tourist bus enroute to the finish line of the 30 to 39 category. We were so anxious to see how Eric Carandang and Anthony Dy were doing. By the time we arrived Eric got 3rd place and Anthony was just as happy to make it. The 20 kilometer climb to their finish line was so awesome! IT WAS WAY TOO STEEP and Eric said he made the good decision to change and use his granny gear 29 teeth rear sprocket.!!!

We were served FREE Singha Beer and Lauriat styled chinese dishes. Awards ceremony followed. Joel G got 2nd Overall (only a scant 4 sec off Martin Brot of team BMW Cannondale who was the defending champion!) Ernie Hortaleza got 3rd overall. Eric Carandang got 3rd Overall (the lady announcer/host Josephine was so thrilled.... she mentioned and congratulated Eric 2 times over the public address system, I said its as if Eric had won the overall!)

Afterwards there was a Tour de France like video film showing of the Tour of Egat 2005 highlights. ARIEL STANDS OUT BECAUSE HE WAS SHOWN PROUDLY OUTLINING THE PHILIPPINE FLAG EMBLAZONED ON OUR JERSEY.Everbody gave a big hand to Ariel!

Organizers announced that there will be a Tour of Egat 2006 and this early...the Philippines had been cordially invited.

Eric says winning the Tour of Egat will be on top of his agenda for next year and everybody says we are definitely going to be back next year for more.

I hope to see you guys soon.


raymond see
Team Powerbar Philippines 2005

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