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Monday, December 25, 2006

Philippine Cycling:Tour of Egat 2005 Stage 1 River Kwai Hotel


stage 1 of Tour of Egat just finished and since i couldnt sleep due to sore mucsles I'm filing a short report

for the elite category 39 and below category the players for team powerbar Philippines consist of cecil, anthony, eric and ronald.

from hotel we cycled 5 kms to starting line, then a 28kilometer rolling start(warm up) we stopped took water and relieved ourselves in a gasoline station. This gasoline station is to be the new "start" of a 150kms road race on flats. (this is just a short report, more info to be narrated later.) Eric and ronald got lost near the finish. anthony stayed with the peloton and got same time finish.

for the Masters 40 and up, the players for team powerbar philippines is myself, joel G., ernie, ariel, robin, peter. 50 up, the player is Pedi Untalan.

same routing, we cycled 5kilometers to the starting line, then a 28kilometer rolling start (warm up lang at hindi kasama sa bilang.35 ang dalahan) we stopped and took water and relieved ourselves in gasoline station.four minutes after the elite riders, we were released and we are to ride 120kilometer of flat roads under 42 degrees of scorching temperature (parang alas 2 ng hapon sa manila when its 9am here).

as soon as the gun barked, team powerbar with pedi untalan and leading
rider joel G stays at the front of the peloton....maybe the peloton wants to sit it out and so it was not so fast start. ariel complains its just a 38kph slow start....then BMw cannondale team and that singapore national team will try and launch and attack up the tempo past 55kph then slow down to 42 and then 55 again....this yoyo style probably took more than 2 hours. Trouble is on 50kilometer mark, on one stretch of the highway our team and about 30riders got lost, joel G was infront and due to lack of motorcycle escorts team powerbar philippines riders (including myself) grind to a halt and have to make a u turn to a left handed this time the strugglers at the back attacked and took advantage of the organizers mistake for lack of directions/ and so we have to chase. team powerbar philippines in no time moves up again to front of the pack. cannondale team irritated starts to mount attacks and each time they attack, the peloton was reeling them in. i tried to hang on but after 100kilometers onto a u turn with strong headwinds i and some thai riders got dropped. (by the 100kilometers mark more than 40 persons already left behind due to fast pace, flat tires, or crashes ).

im already happy to be able to latch on up to 100kilometers.trouble is our race when added together is over 153kilometrs!!!! and i have not riden more than 120kilometers before!

riding together with siam bari rider, i asked him if he wants to finish..after 5 kilometers he said he is already tired and decides to quit. i see a singapore rider in front and decides to chase. then i caught him. turns out he is elite rider who got dropped. i asked if he wants to finish. he said YES. so we rode together the last 53 agonizing kilometers of my life to my finish line. ESSO Gasoline station. he could not continue anymore so decides to ride the sag wagon.

i finished 5 hours 20minutes. 153kilometer.28kph average speed. the longest race of my life.

full report later.

Joel G got the second place finish in our category. Ernie H came in 5th when nipped by two riders at the finish and Pedi finished 1st for 50 above. Myself. Im already happy to have dropped around 6 siam bari (thai riders) they arrived around 30minutes after my time.

raymond see
team powerbar philippines
river kwai hotel in thailand

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