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rocka1bikeshop news is a weblog relating to cycling news in the philippines. rocka 1 bikeshop is a local bike shop based in bulacan town philippines email

Monday, December 11, 2006

rocka1bikeshop news

ROCKA #1 BIKESHOP year end report 2006

dear friends,

It had been 12 months since we first opened Rocka #1 bikeshop.When we first thought of opening a bicycle shop in October 2005 we really didnt know how to go about it . I did a short informal feasibility study and presented it to my American brother-in-law in november of 2005. as it turned out...he didnt like the small earnings so decided to beg off.

The 50sqm shop had a sign saying it was for rent...the space used to be Rocka Village Drugstore owned by my friend Patrick Mallari who is also part time dealer of wooden antique and reproduction furnitures which he displays inside the drugstore. The place had a nice feng shui in it... so when Patrick told me he was moving out .... i wasted no time to produce the paper works and the money needed to make the 3 months advance deposit for this store space. The store space had high ceilings...24 hours security...and carries the #1 address. so my address is befitting my store name...and in case I dont get to be the #1 bikeshop here in Plaridel town...i can always drop the alibi that #1 refers to my store address!

in the beginning... business was slow. Clients were coming in to see what was on display and shaking their heads in disbelief... we wanted our place to showcase middle to high end bicycles and products so our product ranges from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands for a new bicycle. Nevertheless we soon caught the attention of middle income to higher income professionals...and soon the two onlookers became groups of 5, 10 and 20 cyclists. We earned our reputation as a place for buying, selling and swapping quality brand new and slightly used mountain bicycles and road racing bicycles.

our selling principle is really quite simple...small profit/high volume which is typically chinese.

on top of that...we offer personalize touches and can recommend cheap but quality parts or secondhand parts which are this shop owner is a racing cyclist.

One new customer had a Krestrel mountain bike and wondered if he could swap his 3 inch travel fork for a 4 inch travel fork plus cash. 30 minutes later his bike got a 4 inch travel fork.

Another customer wanted the Schwin Stingray designed by Orange county choppers. Unfortunately the Stingray had a cable lock and the keys were with my wife. ..who had left for Manila! i went into panic mode and apologetic to the client but the client says its no problem...he will purchase the Stingray as soon as one of my rmrmetalfab guys cut off the cable lock with a hacksaw! The cheerful client then got his Honda CRV and drove home with the chopper bike inside it!

a young man says he wanted the shimano 105 groupset but would have to wait a few he earns 1 peso a piece for a pandesal and would need to sell 25thousand pan de sals to buy the groupset ...on the other hand one client walked in excitedly and decided to purchase the Giant TCR with 105 groupset in he had just won 65thousand in the cockfight and wanted to make sure his gambling friends dont recover their loses.

The best deal I probably had was with an auto mechanic who decided he wanted to upgrade his road bike and so gave me a nice deal to have my Mitsubishi Adventure's timing belt replaced . I saw him happily cycling about with new carbon handlebars soon after.

The stories are endless...we meet people at the bike shop all day long...make a few bucks...earns plenty of friends. We had in one year's time ....became the Rocka Village people's favorite bike shop . Me and my wife are treated to gifts of yellow ripe mangoes or bakery products once in while...or espasol and rice cakes from village people...who appreciates our personal touch.

we look forward to hearing from you again in 2007.

merry christmas and a wonderful new year to you all!

raymond and margie see
Rocka#1 bikeshop
tel fax 0446703397


AL FIGER said...

Nice story and very inspiring, raymond. More power to you business, pare.

I really enjoyed your stories, no b*ll sh*t!!!

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

rocka1bikeshop said...

thanks tiger27...didnt know you are based in USA? thanks for reading my race reports. not much to do at the bike show...clicking on my computer...til i got inspired by noel tings weblog!

got tons of materials...will post them daily basis.

i am on line smart broadband.

thanks again.
merry christmas!

raymond see

mototechracing said...

what a nice and very true story boss raymond, inspiring indeed, lalo na with the boy selling pandesal just to get what he needs. keep it up boss. MORE POWER TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY in doing good business. MERRY X-MAS !!

Kingtut said...

Great story and nice informative blog. It would be better though if you could post a map or directions on how to get to your store.
I dont even know where Plaridel is? Is it after Malolos? Where do we exit from NLEX?
How many minutes away from Manila?
Landmarks etc?
Keep up the great site.
Ride safe all.