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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tour of Matabungkay 2010 PHILIPPINES

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TOUR OF MATABUNGKAY 2010 has over 300 riders with 35 teams this was a very very big event

FRANZIA WINES cycling team fields in 3 division which is the second largest contingent of cyclists entering this race. There were 3 teams under Franzia...consisting of CALIFORNIA RED, CALIFORNIA WHITE, and CHILLABLE RED team.

The weather was wet cold and during stage 1 day 1 up PAYAPA...tremendous rain fell on some of the was so foggy up payapa...visibility was but a few meters.

Franzia's doc ramon liboro has a private beach resort near Matabungkay beach half the team enjoyed the feel at home atmosphere at the resort. Franzia boss Lucio Cochanco Jr provided non stop serving of FRANZIA WINES, and Fly ace products, juices, cereal bars...and the food was courtesy of Franzia too...we owe a lot to our gracious host Doc Ramon Liboro and Gracious wife Ging Liboro who woke up as early as 4am to prepare food for the Franzia Cyclists...Philipgo hired and paid for two male masseurs (i was asking for sexy masseuse evil)..ensures teammates with much needed massage after every race.

REST OF TEAM including foreign guest riders were billeted at Matabungkay Beach was so much fun to race difficult race with friends and buddies...and of course the BONDING with team and TALKING AFTER RACE went on and on into the night... laugh

Stage 1..Julio Viray was doing so fast up the climb..raymond see has no answer to him...he puts an incredible 30 minutes over speechless...

Stage 2...the road was slippery and wet...somewhere near the steel bridge in front of PAMINTUAN MOTORS the motorshop owned by my friend Nelson Pamintuan of MOSSIMO TEAM..a huge crash ...pile up involving over 20 riders some in serious condition occured. Mark Ellis of TEAM FITNESS FIRST had broken collarbone..torn muscle....FRANZIA's PINPIN UY...bear the brunt of the crash he too had fractured fingers..broken teeth..severe road rash..he had to be rushed to ambulance as he lost consciousness. DOC RAMON LIBORO our cycling doctor dismounted and accompanied PINPIN TO HOSPITAL..where he had xray and CT SCAN...he is pronounced safe THANK GOD......only bruised.,, he lives to fight another day.

stage 3 during the TTT wow FRANZIA did very very well..TJ CARREY had bum stomach and bennis caw had a flat TJ gave his wheels to bennis who was unbelivably able to hang on to MARK COOK HONGKONG import....up the finish line in PUTING KAHOY...UNBELEIVABLE finish for bennis caw. CALIFORNIA white...i have 7 guys to work with...unfortunately Liston Yao had dropped chain, and omar martinez had a i have to hang on dear life..suffer like dog to be 5th man of team California white ,,,after the race..we all very 26th place for California white...and AFTER 4 STAGES 21st overall out of 35 teams

stage 4 during ITT 40kms over the mountain that CHRIS ALLISON GUY from TEAM NIKE LIVESTRONG made HISTORY after setting NEW TOUR OF MATABUNGKAY RECORD breaking the 1 hour past record...thats 40kms OVER THE unbelievable time trialist that guy...we were all speechless.

During the race..RAUL CUEVAS the organizer....had people driving a remote control HELICOPTER with camera...this video footage shown on the WIDE SCREEN during awards ceremony.

OVERALL FANTASTIC RACE complete with transponder system that provides almost INSTANTANEOUS RESULT after each race.

THANKS SO MUCH to my team owner FRANZIA LUCIO COCHANCO JR for his FULL SUPPORT...To doc Ramon Liboro and wife GING...THANKS SO all my teammates...Im very proud of you guys...EVERYBODY FINISHED nobody from FRANZIA got dnf...

See you all in the next race

Raymond See

Just a footnote : stage 1 during the neutral run brett harrington had a front wheel puncture...he was able to repair it and from the back of peloton made a terrific chase..climb back into 80th place (i think) of a 200plus men peloton...just imagine how one can do that incredible chase pass through near zero visibility up PAYAPA mountain ....etc etc guys did great!

attorney jong still unmatched by bisekletaguy in any climb..also i was struggling even in the downhills in stage1..i made the mistake... put on my deep carbon rims in stormy weather stage 1..was wobbling nearly toppling over in the downhills parts...dondie azarcon incredibly strong...quin baterna has half a million pesos cycling technical weight weenie stuff into this race...because we three had EACH a 2thousand pesos (no more twenty pesos sidebet of yester years )..The winner take all pot of 6000pesos to the guy submitting the fast clocking over 40kms ITT over the mountains...this was won by QUIN BATERNA...sorry faster than you in the ITT...hahahahaha...we will invite more friends next time..make the winner take all pot...larger the next race.. Grin


Random pics

dinner before stage 1 consists of Giant hamburger for TJ carey.

with FRANZIA's MARK COOK and Neil Confessor

Pinpin Uy and Edwin MAnsueto

welcome to Tour of Matabungkay

Fantasy World on a clearer day

TEAM FRANZIA's MArk Cook wins 3rd place stage 1 day1 PAYAPA CLIMB

FRANZIA's Doc Ramon Liboro, Ojie Mamuric, Ed motomal and Lucio Cochanco Jr decided to finish the difficuclt stage 1 inspite of the bad weather..this shot up PAYAPA (photo by margie see)

FRANZIA's ed motomal climbs payapa with Franzia boss Lucio

FRANZIA's neal confessor the big guy shows he can climb like big mig INDURAIN in this piece of action up PAYAPA

stage 2 day 2..raymond see battles it out after PALIKO

FRANZIA's raymond and margie see...been together over 100 major races here and instructions needed to wifey..its all automatic laugh

front end of peloton climbs PAYAPA stage1 day1 TOUR OF MATABUNGKAY 2010

Franzia's support crew..consist of loving wives Bong Cruz, MArgie See and HONGKONG CYCLING RACING COMMISIONER NELLIE NG

at the starting line..FRANZIA with another import KEITH POWELL englishman from JAPAN the friend of eric carandang

35 teams with 300riders participated RELEASED AS ONE BUNCH ..if you make it to the top are a GOOD RIDER laugh

PAIN shown in the faces of these FRONT END OF PELOTON riders as they climb payapa

FRANZIA has 24 riders into this TOUR OF MATABUNGKAY race with 3 divisions. CALIFORNIA RED, CALIFORNIA WHITE and CHILLABLE RED team. thats the other fast cyclist MARK COOK and TJ CARREY from Hongkong with JOJO YU Franzia LEYTE

with superstar VEKVEK VIRAY of JAC MOTORS

team nike livestrong of andy aguila has with them CHRIS ALLISON who was extremely FAST RIDER

CHRIS ALLISON TEAM NIKE LIVESTRONG OVERALL CHAMPION tour of matabungkay 2010 (podium girls courtesy of FRANZIA)

TEAM FRANZIA after 4 stages of this years TOUR OF am just happy to finish a wicked weekend of racing laugh

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nice to see you there raymond.

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