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Saturday, May 15, 2010

tour of friendship 2010 (more fotos from margie see)

more fotos from nelly ng whose husband tJ carey rode for Team Franzia in TOF 2010..thanks nelly!

pair of blue trophies for TJ CAREY of team Franzia

raymond see the Franzia team manager congratulates the winners TJ carey and our own playing coach CESAR lobramonte

on top of the podium...TJ and Cesar from Franzia

ANZA Mark Haller was consistent winner and was with his buddies from Manila talking strategy Grin

you cant buy those maroon tshirts in thailand...Franzia boss had them printed in Manila for use of Franzia cyclists after each race..

a pity we couldnt enjoy the breathtaking views in Khao Yai...thats my wife and Nelly ng...having a foto shoot inside the Park

Unsung heroes..some of the orange clad motorcycle people who carried namnam (water)...they sometimes buy coke gave us coke too you know... Grin

inside Khao Yai...

is it only us latecomers who got the rain in stage 4? pouring rain...miserable conditions..high heat...high mountains...bring it on....ill be back next year Grin

thumbs up sign always for the blogger raymond see...(even if he is dying...)


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more fotos...

back of peloton in thailand

Geylang team owner Paul Lim from singapore...

anza has 17 riders this year in my age cat 49 below and was a super team trying to put a teammate against CONSTANT CHAMPION swiss rider Martin Brot and Thomas Wiegand.. Grin

team cycleworx from singapore also sending a team yearly to the Tour of friendship...

inside peloton...heat was so hot and the race was so fast...

FRANZIA came prepared..including MAGNETIC TEAM FRANZIA POSTERS which we put on our official vans..makes our team look more professional...however dont worry we all BUSINESSMEN...we arent the pro riders from Manila... Grin

TJ CAREY from hongkong rode for team franzia

with madam Khunkai titaree..before start of race..

tony aspel in yellow leads the 60 and up category ...stayed with team philippines as his wife ligaya is filipina...Congratulations tony!

my teammate and training partner dennis datu..nipped me on the line at the ITT..."thats my aboslute best already dennis...I chopped 32 seconds off my 2009 you did a great job dennis" Grin

our playing coach applying ointment to my teammate dennis datu..."go for it dennis..this will help you" the coach said..dennis winds up 38th place GC on 49below category BRAVO DENNIS>>>. Grin

thats my wife with my TOUR OF LUZON PHILIPPINES mussette bag...with the boss of madam Titaree...Mr Rurgchai ... thanks so much sir for the nice race Grin

there is a philippine cycling news link...the editor had my report edited ( not my style...)..but yes he did ask permission to publish the report so its ok. Grin

check this link..


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here are more fotos from the camera lady margie see wife who has been with me since 2008, 2009, 2010... Kiss

raymond see now phiten titanium necklace powered with ever supportive wife margie see the official camera person...from Franzia..on board plane enroute to Bangkok april 30 2010 Grin

laser seeking cyclist device Grin ? no that is the camera mounted on Philippine Franzia we see the action after each race... Grin

Giant trinity time trial bike of Denison Seah

my playing coach cesar lobramonte ..faster in the sprint..faster with the ladies also! Grin

mavic cosmic carbonne made in the Philippines? nah...its being identified as belonging to jojo yu alias "the marine" from the philippines Grin

Franzia manager 410 raymond see with Franzia team captain 401 attorney tiboy reyes...tour of egat 2008, tour of friendshio 2009, 2010..3 time
tour of Friendship participant...with TV girl lady jake aspiras...ABS CBN news

Franzia raymond see. enald tan and doctor ramon liboro riding the red and black ARGON 18...he is the Franzia medic.. and was the unofficial hotel kantary medic also...if you are wondering why so many people outside room 404..thats the long queue from crash patients, inside leg chaffing burn patients, dizzy patients, patients with on so forth... Grin...we were kidding him to charge 500baht per consultation as he had as many as 6 patients daily. GOOD JOB doctor ramon...thanks so much for the burnt chafing gone after two days... Grin Grin Grin

men in black are shanghai people riding for the norweigian constantly seen sending live reports to hotel lobby... Grin good job tore... Grin anza rider in white...i think thats blackburn alias "blackie" Grin

passi-one (its a bike shop) young riders from singapore

magnetic TEAM FRANZIA philippines poster.

enlarged showing details... Grin


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and more photos from camera of margie wife. Kiss

thats my good friend the english speaking german married to thai wife...thats Thomas Wiegand "GREEN RABBIT" who had much training in the Philippines in 2009...i think he just signed up for a new super team for season 2010--2011..good luck thomas...have fun in Bintan....Indonesia ..can you write the race report so i know what Bintan race looks like....thanks thomas.....Grin

ok those guys in yellow...are first time participants coming from India...the guy on my right is Mark..Vivek on my left is modern furniture designer..and his friend..."we almost didnt go..due to red shirts...we glad Franzia goes to thailand...and we are glad we came too..we surely will be back with more riders next year..." said dark sunglass Grin

K45 team had beautiful ladies bringing umbrellas to protect riders from the summer heat in Thailand..."boss ..FRANZIA we cant be outdone...we have to bring beautiful ladies also..wearing short year" Grin my boss laughing... Grin

thats the boss Denison Seah team owner of singapore team Specialized Mobile Edge..he can only ride the Time Trial this year..he had accident last year got hit by car while training in Singapore in 2009.....get well soon denison... Grin

Franzia owner Lucio standing stretch and Dennis datu sitting stretch...did absolutely wonderful clockings...for first timers here...

Filipino Pilates instructor Michel Velasco is BISDAK (proudly BISAYA) Singapore based and rides for Joy Riders bulk no muscle whatsoever except 200 percent mental focus and yoga breathing techniques plus Pilates core training...and Viola! he is ranked 9th overall after 5 stages just behind PAVEL KRIZAN...nicknamed "Igor" to some....Grin

interview by lady jake aspiras for ABSCBN television..coverage back home..."very very hot race here in bangkok...we had so much FUN!" Grin

FRANZIA official camera girl Margie see the wife of Raymond See the blogger...up stage for a foto shoot

FRANZIA cycling team support crew wife of cyclists participants hand in hand with IRON LADY in green tshirt madam Khun Kai titaree up the stage TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2010

awarding of special trophy to mr Lucio Cochanco Jr the team owner of FRANZIA cycling team for valuable support to organizer of Tour of friendship...thanks so much madam Khun KAi titaree

going back to MAnila MAy 6 2010 at bangkok airport

on our way home...raymond and margie see...on board Philippine Airlines bound for MAnila MAy 6 2010


off topic....i wish sales of FRANZIA wine in manila philippines TRIPLE in SALES i can ask Franzia team owner boss lucio to bring our official FRANZIA PODIUM GIRLS in thailand next year..claire and award the beautiful trophies...... Grin Grin Grin Grin

FRANZIA CYCLING TEAM OUR OFFICIAL PODIUM GIRLS>> absent this year..hopefully they can go next year... Shocked


the PHILIPPINES organized a 13 men wrecking crew sponsored by POWERBAR PHILIPPINES for TOUR OF EGAT 2005...back then there were more singaporeans, malaysians, thai locals ....than farang (foreigners) was a successful campaign and the friendly Filipinos walked away with several stage wins plus overall win 39 below age cat and 50 below age cat...MARTIN BROT the swiss who runs SIAM BIKE TOURS was the winner of 2005 TOUR OF EGAT...the blogger raymond see sent to cover the event in 2005 as a playing reporter... Grin

ANZA in 2005 has one gentle giant participating in TOUR OF EGAT....thai people and lady support crew always asked him for a foto shoot and the man was kind enough to obliged....he was more than 6 feet 4 inch tall and rides a custom Eddie Merckx..surely weighed in more than 100 kilos...he was nicknamed by local thai people as "mr tiny"....he had hard time climbing over the Sri Nagarind DAm....his chest hurt...FILIPINO SAG WAGON and FILIPINO team mechanic rescued him on one stage also...he was a gentle giant...did so much good PR promotions for ANZA BREWERKZ before....i cant remember his name...hope he is still cycling., Grin

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