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Friday, December 18, 2009

LUCIO COCHANCO SR memorial cup dec 13 2009 Luneta Philippines


This Sunday Dec 13, 2009 there will be the 3rd Leg Roadbike Phil 7 Eleven Manila Criterium Race and in honor of Lucio Cochanco Sr who passed away this year...Team Franzia will be participating in this race and inviting cyclists to join this race.

Mr Lucio Cochanco Sr. is the father of FRANZIA WINES distributor LUCIO COCHANCO Jr...who after getting his first bike road bike early this year from ROSS in cartimar..suddenly developed a romance with road cycling in the Philippines...

thats our boss with new Franzia product endorser..the beautiful miss Pearl laugh

Our boss Lucio Cochanco Jr...he got into sunday cycling at Mall of Asia and Macapagal...from then on started joining some races organized by Filchi...then ordered 30 Anatomic cycling teamkits carrying the FLYACE CORP logo and products.. gave them away to his SUNDAY rider friends in MOA ....

In AUGUST of 2009...we were able to arrange a meeting with after talks with team Rocka1bikeshop Raymond See and atty Tiboy Reyes.... our boss he approved sponsoring the RACING TEAM FRANZIA.

He was quickly introduced to the wide world of Philippine Executive Cycling by raymond see..and his world was never the same again. I sometimes tell him...i am sorry I am giving him so much information its more than he can chew...but he takes everything in stride. He of course has been UPDATED on weekly basis already... on any developments pertaining to PHILIPPINE EXECUTIVE CYCLING RACES. I have never seen any newbie roadie who has the same fire and passion as him...and really now the entire FRANZIA cycling team is happy to ride with him..he who is our boss, our generous sponsor, our good friend.

TEAM FRANZIA will always be remembered this year as the never say die FRIENDLY team with the fighting heart that saw action at the LPGMA RACE up PAYAPA. the TOUR OF MATABUNGKAY and the recent LPGMA RACE in MACAPAGAL last 29th November....the team while newly formed has been reinforced with the addition of ALEX BILLAN and PINPIN UY the son of the mayor of DIPOLOG CITY and former team rocka riders Tiboy Reyes,Liston Yao, Philip Go, Dennis Datu Omar MArtinez , Ramon Antonio and Rolly Cruz...PLUS Alan Chu, Julio Viray, George Gonzales, Edwyn Evangelista, Ed Motomal,AR Ang, Roy See and the Mamuric brothers. Furthermore we have Bicol riders Alvin Lo,Eric TAn Enald TAn and Yuri Lirag.

Of course still doing the FRANZIA RACING REPORTS is Franzia cycling manager raymond see.

TEAM FRANZIA will also be remembered as the team inviting the most beautiful PODIUM LADIES gracing the important races. ..which makes the races more exciting...the Franzia ladies help pour well as award the winners with trophies and FRANZIA WINES.

For 2010, our Franzia TEAM OWNER our Boss is committing to participate more actively in the PHILIPPINE PREMIERE CYCLING LEAGUE and in this regard Franzia Cycling team Managers has recently talked to and approved the entry of former LEYTE CYCLING TEAM Manager Jojo Yu...and three of his teammates businessmen Edward "Tsunami" Chu of Tacloban, Edwin Mansueto and Jimmy Cadena to race under TEAM Franzia.

Warmest congratulations to our new riders.

We all look forward to an exciting year ahead.

We hope to see you this SUNDAY DEC 13 2009 in Luneta

raymond see
Franzia team manager

thats the hardworking boss Lucio Cochangco at Luneta..."this race is a birthday present for my father who celebrates his birthday on 13th December" he said

team Franzia's pinpin uy action foto

liston yao and julio viray of Franzia

and the winners are....hmmmm the girls are new faces!

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