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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LPGMA TTT and criterium November 29 2009

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dear friends,

i think you and i will agree there is BIG improvement in this recent race than
all the other LPGMA races.

race number different color...tents for teams were provided (since last night
nakatayo na!) team banners allowed to be placed in tent. bicycle racks provided.
safety guard rails were provided. 3 ambulances seen. cars parked properly inside
designated area..FOOD served buffet style consists of fish chicken LECHON, sweet
and sour pork, pasta so forth so on. Much much better really so thanks to LPGMA
arnel Ty and marshalls.

our team...had 9 riders racing two events. alex billan entered and won the
criterium in CAT B in first place (my wife said alex dont know its my birthday so she
texted alex...who was relaxing before race started in his airconditioned toyota
coaster van "boss alex its raymond's birthday sana manalo
ka para masaya team franzia!")

alex he eventually texted reply to margie "Wow! I will greet him later..i didnt
know...We will go for the WIN" so First I have to thank boss lucio and philip
opiasa for full I say THANKS SO MUCH ALEX for the beautiful win
for me ba yan..hahaha :-)

Also I have to thank my team Franzia for all out support .team captain tiboy
reyes was competitive today specially since we were released ahead of team
suunto ... im sorry team captain ..I cant sustain the high pace so have to drop
out and ride with julio. really not prepared this time. no excuse. ill do better
next time...:-)

as for my team Franzia..i hope you had a good time... the fast paced action of
team Franzia at the TTT almost marred by accident as a poor little yellow
colored cat crossed road near the finish line and got ran over by my teammates
philipgo tiboy reyes and liston yao! so live cat ran over three times and so
imagine how team franzia felt! shivers down our spine! (margie caught franzia
ran over the poor cat on video pa!)

Suunto team eventually won cat C event..Warmest Congratulations albert cua and
team SUUNTO!

Call it coincidence. .. there was also a crash near same spot involving Boy
tiples and CNC teammate...few minutes before we started. I called audrey
tiples..the wife of boy tiples..later she confirms except for nasty road rash
boy is ok..fractured collarbone but not broken....get well soon boy tiples.

cat a criterium also marred by accident. ernie hortaleza won that
one..unfortunately for team Xterra rider businessman rommel zacarias he got pinned
into the guard rail..found foot inside the guard rail twisted ankle..and broke
it..horror of horrors..his foot was bent backward! i texted avechua yesterday
found out rommel is in the hospital waiting surgery...get well soon guys..was a
bit unnerving yesterday...fortunately for us there was quick action by the
Medics and Ambulance provided by LPGMA. Thanks to mr arnel ty!

in the criterium it was fast paced action also..however as i was busy with work
(no training) i couldnt sustain pace also. was riding with a group on chase.
near the finish line i told the boys..."let the lady go first ..let kaight go
first" kaight laughing...picked up speed unfortunately as we turn to the finish
horror of horrors the finish line occupied by next set of cyclists Elite
category..we havent finished racing we almost as expected
kaight angry...:-)

i take this opportunity thank my wife all out support for me today all the food
chocolate cookies i need...she gave...hehehehe. what will i do without my

ahh so sweet my wife was on my birthday.

thanks so much everyone.

overall it was an enjoyable day. hope you had a good time.

see you on the road next time.

raymond see
team franzia


thats the big boss ARNEL TY

team Gerrys Grill vic cordero wowed me with three specialized transition super bikes in his team... Shocked

brakes underneath for aerodynamics...bottle shaped like a fairing..beautiful machine!

team Franzia's ALEX BILLAN the winner in Cat B criterium Congrats alex!

team Suunto champion in the TTT cat C

what's a golf cart doing in a bike race? delivering food ala golfcart to the tents of the different teams THANKS BOSS CALOY! Grin

there was too much food on the table...i was asking if i can just eat and forget about the race.. laugh

dondie friend..bello en selle beautiful on the saddle of his new GIANT! BRAVO DONDIE!

raymond see dusting off cobwebs on his SEVEN and FIR killing discs laugh

raymond see with wheels changed ...leads the chase in the criterium...

team FULL CIRCLE relaxed mode Grin

team CNC boy tiples on the colnago

team Fitness First

team Mossimmo


team PLDT

thats my boss TEAM FRANZIA owner Lucio Cochanco Jr in black

assessing aero equipment of teammate Dennis datu

raymond see wearing the white T shirt with PPCL Philippine Premiere Cycling League logo (courtesy of LPGMA every body got one) with CAT B Criterium Champion team FRANZIA teammate ALEX BILLAN

thats the BIG BOSS of LPGMA MR ARNEL TY..thanks so much boss arnel for hosting this big EVENT!

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