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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tour of Friendship R1 2009 BANGKOK THAILAND MAy2-6 2009

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The eye of storm in manila today MAy 7 2009....the thai pilot flew smooth as back in manila. everyone safe.

8pm today Manila time, I am having ice cream...leian and kaight in bangkok and so are winston and of guys are home.

memory card with photo shoots by my wife with me. I have the video copy of dvd also of Tour of Friendship 2009...the aerial shots were taken by REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTER with CAMERA....thats something new.

MAy 2 2009 BEFORE THE RACE of stage 1 the 7kms and my friends have time to stand up the podium for our PODIUM POSES...

may 3 2009 Stage 2 saw ave chua from the philippines figure in 2 successive crashes....casualty of very hard riding in Tour of Friendship R1

may 3 2009 stage 2.... 205kms on paper was really 220kilometers of non stop cycling which took some riders nearly 8 hours of continuous cycling to finish....Teamrocka1bikeshop team captain TIBOY REYES shown here crossing the finish line...WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS atty TIBOY!

team JOYRIDERS with filipino michel (hands raised) after crossing the finish of stage 2 day 2...

May 4 2009 was 145kilometers of rolling and high mountains that resulted in several cyclists not finishing some cramping completely after crossing the finish line

the PAVILION at kanchanaburi town has a very nice balcony terrace view of mountains, the river and the swimming setting seen at the background for the dinner reception and awards ceremony PLUS a hotel suite especially assigned to raymond see and wife margie see courtesy of the organizer ..THANKS SO MUCH TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2009

tony lopez relaxes on a slab of marble at the Pavilion

am peeing blood after stage 3...but after the awards were given out to the stage winners of STAGE 3 at the GARDEN PARTY at the PAVILION in Kanchanaburi...... 5 key country coordinators from who brought large delegates of cyclists to Thailand for TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP Race 1....were called on the stage....(raymond see included) to recieve A SPECIAL PRIZE....A SADDLE TROPHY with the following inscription....


raymond see (wearing black tshirt THAILAND) up the podium for special prize at The Pavilion.... Grin

so i too am bringing home a SADDLE TROPHY for team Philippines.

to the great organizer of TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2009 , the SUAN DUSIT UNIVERSITY, Titareet Khun KAi (who provided me and my wife a HOTEL SUITE at the Pavilion in Kanchanaburi...with the fantastic terrace... and a hotel suite again after stage 4) can i say...THANKS SO MUCH for being the GREAT HOSTS in Thailand.

suan dusit university had sought out very beautiful english speaking VOLUNTEER liason officers to help assist cyclists in need...raymond see with ping on my left and oyui on my right...the two girls had stopped their TOYOTA GRANDIA VAN to pick up a very tired looking raymond see and bring him to the hotel after 211 kms of cycling during stage 2 of the TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP (margie see foto)

stage 5 may 6 2009 was a 100kilometers high speed chase for the final chance to get a trophy that resulted in 3 severe crashes for category of those seriously hurt was this team Cycleworx guy from singapore who needs to be brought to hospital

Thomas Wiegand my teamrocka teammate and friend had played a great role also..and had a private GRANDIA coaster ON HAND which ferried the wifeys of Philippine riders to the THAI shopping mall with his Tourist Guide wife....Thanks too to Maam and Thomas Wiegand..i know you enjoy yourself and HAPPY TO GET 3rd place overall and 3 stage Podium Finish with the TROPHIES AS WELL.

to all the participants from my country the Philippines...I am very impressed with the Philippines sure PHILIPPINES got more than 20 trophys...i have to count them from day 1 to day 5. i will make the summary later..

this is the spirit of TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP.......raymond see in yellow raises the hand of his new friend from Germany Robert Meier of team bamboo lake after crossing 100kms in the final stage of TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2009

raymond see with robert meek in yellow shirt of team THUNDERHEAD /Anza cycling and Thai friend Chanchai Buasuang former asian games champion now the BOSS of team CHAMPS KORAT SPORTSWEAR who got 5th place win in the 50 and up category

Team Siam Bike Tours Martin Brot crashed near the finish of the 100kms road race 40 and up category but still won the CHAMPIONS TROPHY of his age category CONGRATULATIONS MARTIN BROT

Team XTERRA's AVE CHUA from the Philippines fought off fatigue and managed to get 4th place PODIUM FINISH during the last stage of TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2009

the following had the trophies A BEAUTIFUL SADDLE TROPHY MADE OF PORCELAIN.

Rene Tablante
Leian Cruz
Jonjon Rufino
Boy the admiral Tiples
Michael David
Alex Billan
Kaight Forgie
Atty Mike Yngson
Averyl Chua
Cesar Lobramonte
Ruel Gendrano
Pedi Untalan

coach cesar lobramonte co-sponsored by Teamrocka1bikeshop and team XTERRA climbs up the stage to claim his 3rd place trophy on the last day

foto shoot of some of the trophy holders from stage of TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP may 6 2009


THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating in TOUR OF FRIENDSHIP 2009.


suan dusit university volunteer the beautiful miss fang was the one who helped bring us back to the Bangkok airport for our trip back to manila.

sincerely yours

raymond and margie see
back from
Tour of Friendship 2009
MAnila Philippines
May 7 2009


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